The case of the Qurum Beach jellyfish!

It has been mentioned on forums across Muscat recently that beachgoers have experienced a new, unwelcome presence to the beach in Qurum... The dreaded Jellyfish!

These brainless bothers are quite difficult to spot, especially while you're swimming in the water, and seem to be packing a punch when they do sting. Now The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries have come out with a warning regarding the issue.

The Ministry have asked beachgoers to avoid swimming in the waters if jellyfish are around, as they are still not sure if these type can be harmful, in a statement, the Ministry said: “The sting can be toxic sometimes and symptoms severe.” - So that's fun! 

If you are unfortunate enough to get stung by a jellyfish, here are some tips on how to relieve the pain... Without having to pee on someone's leg! 

1: Remove any pieces of jellyfish tentacle in your skin by rinsing the wound with seawater. You can also try gently scraping off the stingers with the edge of an ID card or a credit card.

2: Avoid getting any sand in the wound

3: Rinse the affected area with vinegar for about 30 seconds. Or apply a paste of baking soda and seawater.

4: Take a hot shower or apply ice packs. Hot water — as hot as you can tolerate but not above 113 F (45 C) — and ice packs may help ease the pain.

5: Take a painkiller and apply a lotion - lotions to remove itching and irritation work best.