KSI and Logan Paul make history!

Youtubers take to the boxing ring for a second time,

The fight everyone was waiting for Youtubers KSI and Logan Paul went head to head for a second time in the boxing ring. This time the fight took place at The Staples Centre in L.A. 

Last time in 2018 KSI and Logan Paul got in the ring in Manchester with head gear and it was a draw. 

However at the early hours of Sunday 10th November (Saturday night in America) the two Youtubers went pro, without headgear and after Logan Paul was deducted two points it meant KSI came out on top and won on a split decision!

Despite Logan's loss and claiming he contest the deduction, the fighters were gents in the ring as they concluded that the "beef" was over. 

One thing that remains is the two Youtubers will become even richer after this and the fans know it.

Logan said in the ring he would happily fight again, KSI (JJ) very happy with his win said no and we don't blame him! 

KSI fans have posted their appreciation online as has JJ's best friend and fellow "Sideman" Simon Mininter: