Lewis Capaldi's phone number leaked!

If you follow Lewis Capaldi on social media you may have seen that he shared a photo that included his phone number... 

If you dare to call the number, no you won't get to speak to Lewis Capaldi... BUT you will be directed to a voicemail.

His voicemail says: “Hello there, it’s Lewis Capaldi here, just wanna say thank you for listening to Pointless this week. When you get off this call you’ll have a text to give my new song a download or to buy the CD. Downloading on iTunes and Amazon really helps, as does getting one of the signed CDs.

So, go buy it now…because my label are demanding yet another number one single. Let me tell you guys, I don’t know if I’ve got it in me.

So, give me your money and I will, in return, give you my body and soul.”

As promised, Lewis does send you a message. It reads: “It’s your favourite handsome celeb Lewis Capaldi, buy ‘Pointless’ & send me a screenshot for clear skin x.” followed by the link itself. 

If you haven't heard his new song yet, check it out here: