10 facts of life if you live in Oman

If you’ve lived in Oman for long enough, most of these are now going to be second nature to you! Here are 10 facts of life if you live in Oman.

1: You are so TIRED of having to explain how "close to Dubai" you are...

2: You absolutely own an appliance with an Arabic keyboard! 

3: Where ever you are around the world, if you smell the faint scent of Oudh, you feel at home! 

4: When you see these bad boys, anywhere other than Oman! 

You will buy them, without a doubt!

5: You're certain the fast food you get in Oman is better than anywhere else

6: The terms "Sunday chill" mean absolutely nothing to you

This mug doesn't apply to us! We are working on Sunday, not sleeping!

7: You get excited about the rain that's expected to arrive

8: To then be annoyed by the overcast weather that's ruined your weekend plans! 

9: You've learnt the basics in Arabic

You know all the essentials like "Wallah, Yalla, Inshallah, Habibi, Mashallah" 

10: And finally, you're certain you've moved to one of the most beautiful countries in the world!