Lizzo explains why she originally slid into Chris Evan's DMs  

In a recent interview, Lizzo finally revealed what motivated her to slide into Chris Evans' direct messages. She said, quote, "I saw a video of him hollering at this black girl . . . It was like a paparazzi video and it was old.  He was outside of this hotel . . . he didn't know nobody was looking at him.  He was Christopher Jamal, OK?"

Lizzo added, quote, "There's just something about that face . . . When you come up to a black woman, you gotta come correct.  And when you do come correct, there's nothing more attractive.  So I said 'He got game a little bit.  I'm single.'” 

We think she figured that if sliding into DMs worked for Saweetie and Quavo then it could work for her.