10 Signs You've Lived in Oman for Too Long!

We've all thought it at some point... "Have I been in Oman for too long?!" Well, if you have at any point, these are the 10 signs that you've lived in Oman for too long! 

1: You've stopped thinking you're on holiday

Which means...

2: You get resentful when you actually have to work! 

"I didn't move here to work! I moved here to be on holiday 24/7!"

3: You don't consider the table fully set until there is a box of kleenex on it

It's true, you don't use napkins anymore!

4: You think double and triple parking is ok

"I'm only going to be parked here for a second, it will be fine!"

5: Basic Arabic is now part of your vocabulary!

"Inshallah habibi, I'll do it tomorrow!"

6: You leave the plastic covers on your car seats

Because your 2007 Lexus is still new with those covers on! 

7: People have started asking YOU for directions! 

It's like they can tell you've been in Oman for ages! 

8: You've stopped asking why

Because you know you'll never get a decent answer! 

9: You go back home and you're shocked at the way people act/dress/speak/etc

"You would never see this in Oman... EVER! 

10: Doing nothing all day makes you tired

The sun is so exhausting! 

11: You know you've been here ages...

But you have no plans on leaving!