Margot Robbie Never Thought They'd Be Allowed to Make the "Barbie" Movie  

We don't know much about the "Barbie" movie yet, but it sounds like it's going to be pretty out there.

In fact, Margot Robbie says.  Quote, "The first time I read the 'Barbie' script, my reaction was, 'Ah!  This is so good.  What a shame it will never see the light of day because they are never going to let us make this movie.'  But they did." But when she was asked for details, Margot said, quote, "Can't tell ya!"

On a similar note, Simu Liu took the gig after his agent read the script and told him, quote, "If I could stake my career on any one script, it's the 'Barbie' script.  I really think you should do it.'"

"Barbie" hits cinemas on July 21st.