Met Gala 2023 Best Dressed

The most glamorous event of the year took place on Monday, 1st May in the US.

For this year's theme, the A-list guests were asked to wear outfits that paid homage to German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who died aged 85 in 2019.

Lagerfeld served as the creative director of Chanel from 1983 until his death.

What we were not expecting was for some of the celebrities to reference the German designer's beloved cat Choupette... Yes, celebs dressed as cats. Including Doja Cat and Jared Leto. 

Check them out here:

This interview may be the funniest and weirdest thing we have ever witnessed!  

Fair play for the effort! 

Enough of that let's check out the best-dressed celebrities from the event, in no particular order. 

Lil Nas X:

Margot Robbie:

Cardi B:

Anne Hathaway:



Selena Gomez:

Florence Pugh:

Daniel Ricciardo: