Muscat is one of the best cities in the world!


Muscat has been voted among 'The 25 Best Cities in the World'.

We all know Oman is stunning and one of the best places to live and travel to, well now we have the proof!

Readers of 'Travel + Leisure' cast their vote and Muscat earnt 19th position as one of 'The 25 Best Cities in the World'.

In declaring the best cities in the world, readers consider hotels, Michelin-rated restaurants, rich cultural heritage, top attractions and, in recent years, COVID-19 protocols. The votes are then counted, numbers crunched, thus we have the ranking of the best 25 across the globe. 

So, let's see the list:

1. Oaxaca, Mexico
2. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
3. Ubud, Indonesia
4. Florence
5. Istanbul
6. Mexico City, Mexico
7. Chiang Mai, Thailand
8. Jaipur, India
9. Osaka, Japan
10. Udaipur, India
11. Seville, Spain
12. (tie) Mérida, Mexico
12. (tie) Tokyo
14. Kyoto, Japan
15. Siem Reap, Cambodia
16. Seoul
17. Bodrum, Turkey
18. Rome
19. Muscat, Oman
20. Hoi An, Vietnam
21. Cuzco, Peru
22. Cape Town
24. Bangkok
23. Charleston, South Carolina
25. Ljubljana, Slovenia

We have two take aways from the list...

1. It looks like we need to visit Mexico as soon as possible!

2. We were right all along Oman is great and now we have proof as our capital city is on the list!