One Direction celebrate 10 years of the band

Directioners are getting very excited about One Direction's anniversary. 

The boys have been on hiatus for four years now and rarely post on the band's social media pages.

However, Thursday 23rd, July marks 10 years since the formation of One Direction where the boys are celebrating with the launch of a new website.

Therefore the boys have returned to social media ahead of the big day:

Unfortunately, due to popular demand, One Direction's website stopped working and #OneDirectionBrokeTheInternet started trending.

Directioners have been LOVING the boy's tweets commemorating the band's journey:


Liam was the first of the boys to post on the big day with a throwback text from when the band was formed 10 years ago.


Louis Tomlinson posted a string of tweets celebrating his bandmates success' and thanking the fans. 

Fans were quick to notice that Louis said "ALL" clearly referring to ex-bandmate Zayn Malik.


 Louis then added the words that we are all thinking...


Niall Horan also piped in with his opinions of what the band achieved.

Fans were also quick to point out that Zayn wasn't the last person tagged in his tweet thanking his bandmates. 

Of course, Niall didn't forget the people who made One Direction happen, he thanked everyone who came on tour with the band, what a gent!


Harry Styles joined the boys in thanking the fans, the crew and describing the life changing moments that the boys shared as they travelled the world touring as One Direction. 



Yes, Lewis Capaldi (who is going on tour with Niall in 2021) got involved with the celebrations...

It's safe to say Lewis is an honorary member in our hearts and definitely watched the special 10 year video live on Youtube. If you missed it here it is: