11 Only in Oman moments!

Oman is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the slogan to the country that we live in is "Beauty has an address" What more could we want!

But as well as the beauty and amazing nature, Oman's a pretty strange place too! Here are 13 only in Oman moments, that will crack you up! 

1: When you're congratulated for the temperature

2: When we tried to lose some "Fatty"

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3: We don't think Gerard Butler agreed to this...

4: When we weren't sure what we could do on this diving board?

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5: When the sign posts make you look twice!

6: When camels decided to gate crash a camping trip

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7: When the holidays come to town... Desert style!

8: The best way to celebrate National Day!

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9: When the thunderstorms arrive...

10:  When your construction workers look like this

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11: When it is totally possible to get your car this dirty!