17 Thoughts You Have Trying to Find a Parking Space in Oman

Let's be brutally honest, we love it here, but some of the parking situations are awful in Oman! Sometimes, you get lost trying to find your way out of a carpark, you couldn't find a parking space in! It can be stressful, we feel ya! So here are 15 thoughts you have trying to find a parking space in Oman. 

1: If I want to go to Muscat Grand Mall, I'm going to have to leave an hour early so I can find a space! 

2: I'm off to Avenues Mall, I don't know if I'll ever see you again because I have no idea how to get out!

3: Do I have to pay for this space?

4: Is this a staff space?

5: HOW can someone happily leave their car parked across TWO spaces?!

6: Oh look! Someone's parked in the parent and child space... 

7: I bet they don't even have a kid! 

8: If I was a parking warden, everyone would be fined

9: That way no one would want to park in the carpark

10: Then I would have all the parking spaces! 


12: Now you've taken the space I had my eye on


14: I hope you're proud of yourself

15: I can't

16: I give up

17: I'm going home!