10 reasons why you should get on Hi FM's Payroll!

Did you know, we're giving away a share of OMR92,500? Well if you didn't, click here. Once you've read all of that, come back to this page and read this. Got that? Good. 

Okay, we've got OMR92,500 to give away worth of cars and cash, and it could all be yours, there's just 1 little thing you need to do first. SMS "WIN" to 91991 now, "Why?!" I hear you ask, well here are 10 reasons why...

1: Because you could win a Mercedes-Benz A250

2: Because you could win a Mercedes-Benz SLC 200 

3: Because you could win a Mercedes-Benz CLA 250

4: Seriously, we're giving away 3 cars in 3 months

5: Because an SMS that costs you 500bz, could get you winning RO150

6: That's RO149.500 profit! 

7: And the more times you send an SMS to 91991, the more times your phone number goes into the draw

8: Because every Sunday we give away RO750, instead of RO150

9: Because if we don't give this money away, we have to give it back, and we don't want to do that

10: Because it's the easiest radio giveaway ever!