P!NK is in hospital

P!NK has the worst luck! 

Back in April P!NK revealed that she and her son Jameson had Coronavirus. Thankfully they recovered and have no lasting symptoms. 

In July the pop star shared a loving photo of her parents in hospital as her Dad is battling cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. 

To add salt into the wound and to make 2020 even harder P!NK has just shared the news that she recently got stitches in her hand after doing the dishes and is back in hospital again! 

"As if surviving covid wasn’t enough for this poop sandwich of a year! Well, I got my stitches out from drying that glass, that went well. Then I recovered from my very first staph infection for no reason (cry for help?) (right knee was lonely?) so I thought I’d fracture my ankle! Later tonight I’m gonna climb inside a raw chicken and see if I can’t check out what salmonella’s like! 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving 👍🏽🤟🏾 I was actually running down the stairs trying to see the Christmas star! Ha! Turns out it’s not until the 21st. Happy holidays everyone!"

We feel guilty for moaning about our lives now!