The pros and cons of rain in Oman

Quick! Look outside your window, it's raining in Oman... Or it was? It doesn't seem to last very long around here!

But when it does rain here, some of us are thrilled to see a different season, other than summer; and others are a little annoyed, because "I didn't move to the Middle East for wet weather!" 
However you may be feeling about the wet weather today, here are the pros and cons of rain in Oman.


- No one gets their car washed, saving you money, and giving the guys washing your car a day off

- School kids usually get a day off

- Which means teachers get one too! 

- It cools the weather down, stalling the upcoming 50ºc summer heading our way

- You get some use out of your windscreen wipers, you have to pay to get changed every car service! 

- The roads are quieter because people just don't bother coming to work, "because rain" 

- It makes everything inside instantly feel cosier, pyjamas in rainy weather is a must

- If you work outside, you've probably got the day off

- The air feels fresher!

- You get some use out of that expensive jacket you bought, but never get to wear! 


- If you've just got your car washed, it's going to be dirty, and you're going to have to wash it again

- If school hasn't given you the day off, you won't be allowed outside

- If you get any item of clothing wet from the rain, expect the rest of the day to feel soggy and cold

- If your windscreen wipers are broken, it's not going to be a fun drive... 

- You get no Vitamin D, leaving you grumpy and grouchy

- Those that are on the roads, seem to drive like the world is about to end... be careful of these people

- You probably had plans to be outside in the sun this weekend, they've now been put on hold

- Leaving you stuck in the house, bored for the weekend

- If you work outside and didn't get the day off, you're probably not having the best day (thinking of u, luv u)

- It's windy, which picks up sand, which then gets in your nose/eyes/mouth/ears/hair... it gets EVERYWHERE

- You're probably short staffed at work today "because rain"

- If you have a fancy, low-down, expensive sports car, take it to higher ground quickly! You don't want your pride and joy drowning, do you?!

Would you add any more pros and cons? Put them in the comments below!