Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell swap places

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are legends!

Both actors are currently promoting their own projects 'Red Notice' and 'The Shrink Next Door'.

However, Will didn't show up for his interview on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' so instead Ryan took his place, the slight issue was he had never watched 'The Shrink Next Door' before. Despite this he did his best to talk up the show:

However, what Ryan should have been promoting was his own movie with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson called 'Red Notice'.

Ryan hasn't been completely useless, he shared some photos from the premiere on Instagram:

"Huge shoutout to the teams at @netflix who no doubt worked night and day to make the #RedNotice event not only happen — but happen in a big way. It’s been two years since I’ve seen anything resembling an actual premiere… You made the night safe, special and spectacular for everyone… the journalists, photographers, cast, crew, support staff and spectators. My hat is off. (I wasn’t wearing a hat, so I’m downgrading to my pants.)"

Ryan the prankster conntinued by sharing the news that the movie had huge successes on the opening day on Netflix while nodding to Taylor Swift releasing 'Red (Taylor’s Version)' on the same day: 

"WOW #RedNotice is @Netflix biggest ever opening day for a film. Congrats to this whole team! Can’t wait for Red Notice (Taylor’s version)".

Fast forward a few days and Ryan was booked to appear on 'The Jimmy Kimmel Show', low and behold he didn't turn up, but who filled the slot? You guessed it, Will Ferrell showed up instead of Ryan and hilariously tried to promote Ryan's movie that he hadn't seen:

We love these jokers!