10 things to do while self-isolating

If you're bored of watching Netflix and need to boost morale while self-isolating, look no further!

1. Play a game 

Whether you play UNO, Monopoly or Jenga with the family, it's sure to entertain you while self-isolating. Just don't hurt yourself like Cardi B.  

2. Learn card tricks 

Learn to shuffle and deal, plus with Dynamo's lessons you can also learn how to throw cards too. 

3. Get creative in the kitchen

Use this time to try some new recipes. You could work on nailing the perfect shawarma or finally get round to creating your own homemade houmous recipe! Check out "Pitch Perfect" actress Elizabeth Banks' - she's been making an American favourite, Corn Dogs. 

4. Hold a video conference 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the TRA has announced that video calls are allowed for businesses. So why not ask your work colleagues to swap the constant emails to a video calling app such as "House Party", "Skype" or "Zoom". 

5. Get arty

You're never too old to get the crayons, paints, and paper-mache out.  Miley Cyrus proved this when she made this very apt T-shirt. 

6. Exercise

Missing the gym? You can use household objects as weights, run up and down the stairs, or follow celebrity work out videos like Ellie Goulding's.

7. Give yourself a make-over 

With barbers closed, give yourself a whole new look and cut your own hair! For the ladies why not test out some new makeup looks too? 

8. Learn a new instrument or language

If you're an expat maybe you could learn more Arabic? Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are self-isolating together and he's teaching her to play the guitar and she's giving him Spanish lessons!

9. Meditate 

Download a meditation app or follow Lizzo's tutorial on Instagram and find inner peace during this tough time.  

10. Read a book

Maybe you haven't read a book since school, or only read when you're on holiday. Make the most of this time and read a novel. Even Marvel's Thor is flicking through some pages. 

What other ideas have you got?