16 signs summer is coming to Oman!

It’s something everyone who lives in Oman dreads, the summertime! And it seems to be fast approaching.

After a tiny bit of rain, and some overcast days, the sun has been shining pretty strong these past couple of day, which has got us thinking… is summer really on its way already? Here are 16 signs, that it might very well be! 

1: It's not dark when you wake up anymore

If your alarm goes off at 6am during the winter, you'd have to turn the light on to get ready. Now all you have to do is open your curtains! 

2: You haven't brought a cardigan/jacket with you 

Which you then regret because....

3: Your AC is on 24/7

And if you work in an office, it will be a constant argument about being too cold or too hot! 

4: You now have two hot taps! 

Your hot tap is hot; your cold tap is hot! 

5: Your car is resembling an oven more and more

Your car temperature gauge is reading 62ºc, and your AC is blowing at full blast! 

6: Your sunglasses begin to steam up when you go outside

If you've never had your glasses steam up on you, do you really live in the Middle East?

7: You cancel all plans if they're outside

"Oh... are we having lunch outside? - I'm so sorry, I've just realised I can't make it, I've got to wash my..... cat?"

8: You burn your feet on the sand at the beach

So you run into the sea to cool them down, to learn...

9: The sea is the temperature of a bath! 

Seriously... it's not right!

10: You're eagerly waiting for the Mall of Oman

They're opening a Snow Park; it's the only way we'll cool down! 

11: You contemplate going to Dubai

They already have a snow park! 

12: You've turned your water heater off

Though it doesn't seem to do anything! 

13: You can do 100 loads of washing in 1 day

Your wet clothes dry in 10 minutes in the sun! 

14: You burn your bum on your car seats! 

You decided to go for leather seats... also known as lethal seats in the summer! 

15: You've said this at least once

"I'm certain it wasn't this hot, this soon last year!"

16: You then realise this is going to last for 6 whole months!