Stars who were rejected by "American Idol"  

I think we all know that "American Idol" doesn't always get it right.  Plenty of people were rejected by the show before going on to make it big on their own.  Here are some examples: 

1.  Bebe Rexha.  She waited with her Mum for 10 hours, but didn't make it through.  10 years later, she was MENTORING contestants.

2.  Maren Morris.  She was rejected by both "Idol" and "The Voice".

3.  Colbie Caillat.  She admits she wasn't ready when she auditioned, and she was glad they turned her away.

4.  Amber Riley from "Glee".  She auditioned when she was 17, and never got to sing for the judges, either.  She did just win "The Masked Singer", though.  Redemption???

5.  Kane Brown.  Producers rejected him because they, quote, "didn't need another Scotty McCreery."  Kane then made it onto "The X Factor", but he quit when they tried to make him join a boy band.