Taylor Swift's made history

Swifties, she has done it!

While our girl Taylor Swift has been very quiet on social media recently, not posting since the release of 'Where The Crawdads Sing' trailer when she posted this:

"About a year and half ago I wrote a song about an incredible story, the story of a girl who always lived on the outside, looking in. Figuratively and literally. The juxtaposition of her loneliness and independence. Her longing and her stillness. Her curiosity and fear, all tangled up. Her persisting gentleness… and the world’s betrayal of it. I wrote this one alone in the middle of the night and then @aarondessner and I meticulously worked on a sound that we felt would be authentic to the moment in time when this story takes place. I made a wish that one day you would hear it. ‘Carolina’ is out now 🥺."

Her song 'Carolina' features on the movie soundtrack and we are loving it.

HOWEVER, that is not the news.

In fact, it's about Tay Tay making history... 

Taylor Swift has now joined Katy Perry as the only female artists to have multiple videos surpassing 3 BILLION views on YouTube.