The Quarantine Pillow Challenge is an actual thing!

We've seen more and more challenges appear on Tik Tok and Instagram over the last few weeks due to us all self-isolating.

One of the biggest challenges right now on Insta is the pillow challenge. 

Already there are over 259,601 photos uploaded to Insta under the hashtag #pillowchallenge and #pillowdresschallenge has had over 21 thousand uploads! 

This challenge is a pretty simple challenge. The idea is that you make a dress or an outfit using only pillows! 

This challenge has seen people from all walks of life getting involved from celebs to mums and even some guys just for the giggle! 

Also, this challenge has moved on somewhat over the last couple of weeks with some people taking it to the next level... Now duvet dresses have also become a thing!!!

Will you be getting involved with any of these challenges?