TikTok's top trending songs of 2022  

TikTok's top trending songs of 2022 are here.  

What's probably most surprising is a song from "Despicable Me 2" made the cut.  

Here they are:

10. "Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)",  Kate Bush

9.  "Billie Eilish",  Armani White

8.  "Jiggle Jiggle",  Duke & Jones and Louis Theroux

7.  "Wait a Minute!",  Willow  (From her 2015 debut album "Ardipithecus".)

6.  "Forever",  Labrinth

5.  "Just a Cloud Away",  Pharrell Williams  (This was from 2013's "Despicable Me 2".)

4.  "About Damn Time",  Lizzo

3.  "Ginseng Strip 2002",  Yunglean

2.  "L$d",  Luclover

1.  "Sunroof",  Nicky Youre and Dazy