Top 5 videos in Oman this week

Fed up with scrolling and not finding any good content from Oman? Look no further. 

We have hand-selected our favourite videos for this week:

1. Ali confessed something we know all too well ourselves:


Reply to @3antarabenbarbal my mom has had cancer twice (well thrice, if you count me. And I'm a Pisces 😅) #rasputin #InTheHouse

♬ original sound - bigbagofpotatoes

2. Mia showed us her "best" Arabic:


Awks ✈️😬 #fyp #arabic #arabiclanguage #middleeastern #middleeasterntiktok #foryou #foryoupage #oman

♬ original sound - Mia

3. Taef took us on a helicopter flight with her:


Fly with me 🚁🇴🇲

♬ Still Don't Know My Name - Labrinth

4. Impasta left us in shock: 

5. Jmaps flexed their photography skills: