WATCH: Rihanna's halftime show!

Let's talk about The Superbowl!

Game wise The Kansas City Chiefs became NFL champions for the second time in four years after fighting back to claim a thrilling 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now the bit we all care about, the halftime show!

Rihanna performed a 13-minute set, for the first live show in seven years.

Unlike most halftime shows, Riri performed completely on her own but packed in some of her greatest hits including Umbrella, Diamonds, We Found Love, and Rude Boy.

Rihanna also used this performance to announce that she is pregnant again as she showed off a bump. She has previously said she was "thinking about bringing someone" and when she opened her jacket and stroked her stomach during her big performance it started to make sense. Her representative later confirmed the pregnancy.

Fans online have gone wild for Riri's performance, with many saying it was the best halftime show to date. 

The audience was full of celebrities including Adele who had previously spoken out to say she was only going to watch Rihanna. 

Cara Delevigne also posted on Tik Tok and Instagram explaining that she was only at the sporting event for Riri and even modelled this hilarious t-shirt: 

Let's not miss out the amazing sign language interpreter who also rocked the screen: