Watch: Steven Spielberg tell Tom Cruise he "Saved Hollywood's ass"  

Is there anything Tom Cruise can't do?  Because apparently, he singlehandedly SAVED HOLLYWOOD.  And that's according to none other than Steven Spielberg himself. The annual luncheon for Oscar nominees was held on Monday, and in a candid moment caught on video, Steven told Tom, quote, "You saved Hollywood's ass.  And you might have saved theatrical distribution. 

"Seriously.  'Maverick' might have saved theatrical distribution."  

As you probably recall, Tom didn't dump "Top Gun: Maverick" onto a streaming service during COVID . . . he waited until he could give it a full theatrical release.  And it was a HUGE hit. Cruise was at the luncheon as a producer of "Maverick", which is up for six Oscars, including Best Picture.