WATCH: The top Coachella moments


Coachella previously rescheduled their April 2020 dates due to the pandemic, however now Coachella has had to cancel its April 2021 dates too. 

Dr. Cameron Kaiser, the public health officer in charge of Riverside County, where Coachella is held made this announcement on Twitter: 

If you were planning on making the trip to the US for the festival, what about you binge videos from previous years here instead? 

Remember when J Balvin joined Beyonce on stage at the festival which was renamed 'Beychella' in 2018?

What about Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance on stage with Ariana Grande in 2019?

Or when Will Smith surprised fans by joining his son Jaden on stage?

Finally, let's not forget when The Chainsmokers performed their set in 2016: