What's something you've said recently that would make no sense in 2019?

2020 is half over, and it's fair to say Oman and the world has changed A TON in these past six months.

So there's a new trend on Twitter where people are answering the question:  What's something you've said in the past six months that would make no sense to someone in 2019?  

Here are some of the best responses . . .

1.  "They wouldn't let me into the bank because I wasn't wearing a mask."

2.  "That was a beautiful Zoom wedding.”
3.   "I’m just heading to the beach, has anyone seen my mask?"
4.  "You're invited to my daughter's drive-by 10th birthday."

5.  "I might preemptively homeschool next year because it's going to happen anyway."
6.  "I'm glad those locusts weren't worse."
7.  "Mum, Dad, I don't care what you heard on TV, please don't inject yourselves with bleach.” 

8. “The borders are shut. I can’t get back to where I live.”
9. “Yes!!!! Carrefour has disposable gloves… I thought they’d never get them!”
10. “Did you wipe down the groceries?”