Will Paul Rudd adopt this dog that looks like him?

An animal shelter is trying to get a dog adopted . . . by passing it off as a Paul Rudd look-alike.

His name is actually Waffle House, but they've re-christened him PAWL RUFF.  He's a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd mix, and he does kinda have that Paul Rudd puppy-dog face. They even put a bunch of comparison photos on Twitter, and it sounds like they want Paul himself to adopt him.  

They said, quote, "Paul doesn't have a Twitter handle, but @AntMan does.  And honestly, what is more heroic than adopting a shelter pet?"

Several people have applied to adopt Pawl but sadly, none of them have been Paul Rudd.

Would you adopt a dog from Omani Paws if it looked like either Robin or Jonny?