Worst Dressed Pop Stars

Lewis Capaldi also known now as 'America's Sweetheart' (despite being from Scotland), has just landed himself his second week at number 1 in the USA with 'Someone You Loved'. 

The 'Bruises' singer decided to take to Instagram dressed in a leopard print tracksuit and play in the snow to celebrate. We are VERY happy for Lewis, however one question "WHAT IS HE WEARING?' 

Clearly the money is pouring in for Lewis, so we thought we would look at other's celebrities fashion fails... 

DJ Khaled frequently poses with his son in matching outfits that definitely catch your eye, with his son, they appear cute, on his own, not so much! 

We would accept the shirt if he was in Hawaii, but he is not! 

Now for Zedd who clearly is wearing an old pyjama top from 1992... 

 Liam Payne recently admitted he regrets the "chain days" where he would wear oversized clothes and a gangsta chain, but does he regret this bright orange ensemble? 

We know Croccs aren't cool, we know you should never wear socks with sandals... So why Benny Blanco? 

Last but not least, Charlie Puth who mixed a chain with an itchy, old school sweater. WOW!