Justin Bieber performed for the first time in two years!

Watch the videos here...

Beliebers, it FINALLY happened!

Justin Bieber officially returned to the stage for the first time since cancelling the rest of his Justice World Tour amid his struggle with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Justin performed at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto following the NHL All-Star Player draft at the weekend.

He performed a medley of hits; including "Peaches", "Ghost" and "Eenie Meenie".

Beliebers, have gone wild online over this new version of "Baby".

But the most praise has come after videos have circulated of SZA's "Snooze".

He was aptly dressed for the occasion, wearing a blue NHL All-Star jersey, along with a backward baseball cap and baggy jeans. 

It's safe to say fans loved it!

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