Kehlani shows her support for Palestine

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Kehlani has issued a plea to industry peers to speak up for Gaza.

“This is going to be something that is referenced for the rest of f**king forever,” the singer said in an Instagram post the day after an Israeli military assault killed at least 45 people sheltering in camps for displaced Palestinians.

She also opened up about the help and support she has required from her friends, family, and therapist “to sort [her] out in October.”

Macklemore, who released a song called “Hind’s Hall”, which we are playing on Hi FM, commented on her post saying that she “inspired” him.

Following her posts, children in Palestine have made signs thanking Kehlani for speaking up.

Check out the photos here:

She has also announced her new single “Next 2 U” will have merch, where 100% of the proceeds be going towards Palestinian, Congolese and Sudanese families.