New Trend:  Putting Tea Bags in Sprite

What's your gut instinct on this?  Good or bad?  

The newest food trend on TikTok is to add tea bags to bottles of SPRITE.  (???)

You can use 7 Up too, or any lemon-lime soda.  Basically, you're just making caffeinated iced tea with a citrusy twist built in.

You can use any tea.  But the TikTok hack specifically suggests two bags of Lipton Black Tea.

You open a 20-ounce bottle of Sprite . . . drink a little bit to make room . . . add two tea bags . . . turn the bottle over . . . and let them steep in the fridge for 20 minutes.  Then you squeeze some lemon juice in, and pour it over ice.

A restaurant in Malaysia posted a video recipe in July.  But TikTok just latched onto it in the past couple weeks.  


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