People Magazine's 'The Sexiest Man Alive' has been announced

Check out the full list of winners here...

People Magazine released a poll asking readers' opinions on 'The Sexiest Man Alive' and actor Patrick Dempsey came out on top.

Check out the other winners here:

James Marsden has been voted ‘Sexiest TV Star’.

Jalen Noble has been voted ‘Sexiest TikTok Star’.

Trevor Noah has been voted ‘Sexiest Funny Guy’.

Taylor Lautner has been voted ‘Sexiest Podcast Host’.

Ryan Gosling has been voted ‘Sexiest Ken’.

‘Dad Dog Pedro’ has been voted ‘Sexiest Pedro Pascal’.

Pierce Brosnan has been voted ‘Sexiest Grandpa’.

Travis Kelce has been voted ‘Sexiest Athlete’.

AND Harry Styles has been voted ‘Sexiest Musician’. 

Do you agree with these?


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