Rita Ora is Princess Fiona?

Watch the video here...

Do you remember we showed you that you could stay at Shrek's swamp?

Rita Ora has been to it!

Rita shared a series of photos and a video on her Instagram.

Naturally, she dressed up as Princess Fiona and her husband Taika Waititi was Shrek. 

Check the video out here:

"Don’t mind us, we’re just two grown adults dressing up around Shrek’s Swamp 🤪💚 Thank you to @airbnb and @bchesky for this amazing stay! And oh yeah - happy late Halloween baby!!! We saved the best till last! 😋Ps after filming this I realised Fiona is American but it got to dark to re film so you’ll have to get a really bad Scottish accent Fiona this year! Your welcome!!"

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