It's Hot, Hot Hot!!!

Temperatures have soared in the last six weeks, but that doesn't mean you can't ride!  

If you can't bear the thought of 40 degree road cycling, is easy to set up a turbo trainer, which enables you to ride your bike, stationary, and indoors in the cool AC.

Your rear tyre sits on a roller which has a resistance unit attached. The unit uses air, fluid or magnetic force to provide different levels of resistance. Perfect!  

Many cyclists use state of the art apps to assist in their training, apps which are essentially computer games - so you link up your turbo trainer to your computer or iPad and you can ride with other cyclists in a virtual environment.

My set up is pretty basic but I'm happy with it and use training videos from YouTube - there are so many to choose from. 


If, however, you are super keen or slightly mad, there's no reason why you can't continue to cycle in the heat.

You MUST stay hydrated and always plan water stops so you never run out of water. Its way better to ride early morning before the heat from the sun really kicks in, and if you are planning to climb any nasty hills, get them out the way as early in the ride as possible!

The good thing about cycling in the heat as opposed to running, lets say, is as long as you're on the move you have the wind resistance to cool you down. Its when you have to stop that you start pouring with sweat!


Finally, here's a photo from a hot hot hot Friday morning ride a couple of weeks ago. Scott got a puncture ... which ended up being a four man job to repair! Haha!!! Love it!!! ... until I get one - I hope I have a puncture support group around me as well!!