Road Cycling Is An Expensive Hobby!

Friday club ride selfie with some of the boys taken in the beautiful village of Falaj Al Shams

(Friday Club Ride Selfie taken with the boys in the beautiful village of Falaj Al Sham)


There's one thing I can say for sure about road is an expensive hobby!  

When I started riding last year, I paid what I thought was a LOT of money for my first road bike. Now, less than 12 months later I am about to buy yet another bike that will be twice the price of the first one!

Why? Well, it's simple. I want to get better, faster and stronger, and it helps to have top quality equipment. The bike I've been riding has served me very well, but its heavy.

If I want to conquer Mount Amerat in under 20 mins and improve my time trial speed, I need a lighter bike, one with a carbon frame rather than the traditional cheaper aluminium frame.


I had planned to buy a bike in Edinburgh, but then Lucky, the guy who runs Muscat's go-to bike shop, got in touch.

Bianchi Dama Intrepida

Oman Bicycle stocks Bianchi bikes - Bianchi being the world's oldest bicycle manufacturing company still in existence - they pioneered the use of equal-sized wheels with pneumatic rubber tires and also built the very first ladies bike, all the way back in 1895!

Lucky told me to have a look at their website and pick the bike I wanted and he would order it in for me. Perfect. I would save on the cost and hassle of lugging a bike back from the UK with me!

After hours of Bianchi bike research, I settled on this beauty... a Bianchi Dama Intrepida - good for racing, climbing, long rides and of course, it has that all important carbon frame. It should arrive next week and I am almost squealing with excitement! 


My next race is 13th of April and hopefully I'll have enough time in the saddle on my new bike to notice a difference. I'll tell you all about it on my next blog! 


Kathy x