Rachel Chew



Rachel can be described very easily; LOUD! 

Her laugh is unmistakable and she once got kicked out of science class at school for talking too much, so it makes sense that she now does it for a living. She moved here in September 2019 and has already crashed her car three times, despite that she is the one getting you home weekdays 4-7pm. 

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Bits from the show:

Thursday, 2nd March:


Sunday, 8th January:

This just gets better and better!

Monday, 2nd January:

Once again Alistair Green has smashed it!

Tuesday, 20th December:


Sunday, 27th November:

Every day is a school day!

Wednesday, 9th November:

Feeling personally attacked? Yeah same!!!

Sunday, 6th November:

All of a sudden being ill doesn't sound so bad!

Monday, 24th October:

This is so awkward to watch!!!

Wednesday, 19th October:

This may be THE best thing on the internet!

Sunday, 16th October:

Are you ok hun? You haven't touched your parmesan and vinegar...

Tuesday, 11th October:


This is brilliant!

Monday, 10th October:


The seabass one!!!

Sunday, 2nd October:

Is it bad if you say you like this? Asking for a friend...

Thursday, 29th September:

Maybe THE most random thing to get banned... A drink!

Wednesday, 31st August:

The reactions to Leo's breakup are golden!!!

Thursday, 25th August:


Monday, 15th August:

Imagine living next to these two!!!

Sunday, 14th August: 

Peach, apple, same same... 

Thursday, 11th August:


Sunday, 7th August:

Obviously it's a joke but just imagine!!! 

Monday, 1st August:

Can we buy his album now? Banger after banger!

Sunday, 24th July:

Embed not found

Nothing to see here, just your average band... 

Thursday, 21st July:

Thank you Paul!!!! 

Wednesday, 20th July:

Career highlight? Sure... 

Monday, 18th July:

THESE TWO WILL BE STARS! Watch this space...

Sunday, 17th July:

What's worse is when you don't have a post code!!!

Monday, 5th July:

Have you ever bought one of these? 

Monday, 13th June:

He makes some valid points!

Thursday, 9th June:

This really is the account that keeps giving!  

Sunday, 5th June:

This is NOT ok!

Monday, 30th May:


The life lesson we were all waiting for!

Sunday, 29th May:


Wednesday, 25th May:

Great first day!

Tuesday, 24th May:

Is he available for motivational speech bookings?

Sunday, 22nd May:

Makes sense... 

Tuesday, 17th May:

Anyone for a vanilla ice cream and olive burger?

Monday, 16th May: 

Re-thinking every "guest speaker" at school now!!

Thursday, 28th April: 

No, you're crying!

Wednesday, 28th April:

This man is a comical genius!

Tuesday, 26th April:

You'd definitely have nightmares, right? 

Monday, 25th April:

"You want a wash and a wear" 

Sunday, 24th April:

"All together now"

Sunday, 10th April:

Are we over the Will Smith memes yet? No!

Monday, 28th March:

Liam is that you?

Sunday, 27th March:

Not even sure what the best bit is? Fake Farmer? Farm hands? Northern England...ish?

Tuesday, 22nd March: 


Monday, 21st March:

You NEED to follow this Twitter account!

Wednesday, 16th March:

How is this a thing anyway???

Tuesday, 15th March:

How we all choose what to wear in the morning... 

Monday, 14th March:

THE cutest kids ever!

Sunday, 13th March: 

When you think there's going to be HUGE Coldplay news and you get THIS!

Thursday, 10th March:

The question on EVERY ONE'S lips right now!

Wednesday, 9th March:

Calm down people!!!

Monday, 7th March:


Sunday, 6th March:

When you lose three times just give up!

Wednesday, 2nd March:

Grat Facetime print screen... But why did he delete it?

Monday, 28th February:

Classic, bringing a tortilla to the movie theatre...

Thursday, 17th February:

WHY? Every time there is a storm do they send the news reporters out?

Wednesday, 16th February:

Best thing to come out of the Super Bowl! 

Tuesday, 15th February:


Sunday, 13th February:

This throwback seems VERY fitting right now!

Wednesday, 9th February:

Maybe Rachel isn't the worst driver after all! 

Sunday, 6th February:

Best tweet of the week and it's only the first day!

Thursday, 3rd February:

The commentary on this is golden!

Wednesday, 2nd February:

The best response to 'why are you single' from the 1880's.

Tuesday, 1st February:

Joe, how creative!

Monday, 31st January:

What a legend, also what a great memory! 

Sunday, 30th January:

When Drake's son knows more French than you...

Monday, 24th January:

Would you pay 43 OMR for these??? No, the answer should be no!

Thursday, 20th January:

Posted by Rachel Chew on Thursday, January 20, 2022


Tuesday, 18th January:

Is there a better prankster than Sir Michael?

Thursday, 13th January:

Did somebody say ONYON? 

Tuesday, 11th January:

Man of many words...

Thursday, 6th January:

WHAT DOES HE DO FOR A LIVING? That costs big money!

Wednesday, 5th January:

Embed not found

The best reaction to when they announced that Cats The Musical is now on Netflix! 

Tuesday, 4th January:

Did anyone else kjnow China has an articifical sun?

Monday, 3rd January:

The emoji part!!!

Sunday, 2nd January:

Embed not found

Solid resolution!

Wednesday, 22nd December:

Best response ever!

Thursday, 16th December:

The one on the right is funny though!

Tuesday, 14th December: 

Always read things twice!!! 

Sunday, 5th December: 

Anyone else jealous of this cat's guns?

Wednesday, 24th November:

Perfectly acceptable to drop out of college for your dog, right?

Tuesday, 23rd November:

"SQUISH"? This is not a pet name we needed to know about!

Wednesday, 17th November:

It's not all about YOU!!!

Wednesday, 10th November: 

This is brilliant... Also just send your Bountys to Rachel!

Thursday, 4th November:


Monday, 1st November:


Sunday, 31st October:


Monday, 25th October:

RIP James Michael Tyler 

Monday,18th October:

Sir Michael strikes again!

Monday, 11th October:


Wednesday, 6th October:

So what we are learning here is that Karen and Alan needed some new containers! 

Tuesday, 5th October:

Embed not found

Some people go a little dramatic during the social media outage, just a little!

Why is this so awkward?

Wednesday, 8th September:


Reply to @basic.jordan.xx 🤠 jolene moving MAD #mashup #fyp #foryou #beggin #maneskin #jolene #dollyparton #remix #djmix #BurberryTB

♬ beggin x jolene by Altegomusic - ALTÉGO

THIS IS A BOP! We need a full version, right?

Tuesday, 7th September:


I’ve got a nice large naan 😂 #british #britishhumour #comedy #bluevanman

♬ original sound - Good old british memes

Nan, Naan, Potato, Potatoe ... Same thing, right?

Monday, 6th September:

RIP Sarah Harding, lost way too young!

Sunday, 5th September:


Reply to @genzecowarrior such a weird thing to comment #fyp #dheanasaur #welsh #welshtiktok #funny #meme #ukcomedy

♬ original sound - Dheanasaur

HOW? They do NOT sound the same!

Thursday, 2nd September:


I guess I’m the one who keeps bringing it up…..

♬ original sound - Josh Peck

He just made a new meme, right?

Wednesday, 1st September:

AT LONG LAST! We have the final trailer!!!

Monday: 30th August:


Accents galore ##foryoupage ##language ##accent ##funny

♬ original sound - Along Came Abby

Give this girl a TV series please!

Wednesday, 25th August: 

Embed not found

Yes, because this is THE biggest problem in the world right now!

Sunday, 22nd August:

This is brilliant!

Wednesday, 18th August:

Embed not found

New favourite Twitter account!

Tuesday, 17th August:

Rachel claims she met a "fan" but it looks like they're swearing, right?

Thursday, 12th August:


Re create this in your own Arab country’s version 😂 ##Arabianboy ##fun ##itsaboptho

♬ original sound - NotSOHuman

This needs to be an official release!

Sunday, 8th August:


job interview with One Direction ##fyp ##foryou ##funny ##onedirection ##harrystyles ##pop ##boyband ##music ##job ##skit ##interview ##jggls

♬ original sound - JGGLS

Someone has a LOT of spare time to edit this... and we are grateful! 

Wednesday, 4th August:

The girl's reaction is everything!

Monday, 2nd August:


Sunday, 29th July:


I didn’t even get a compliment back like damn #storytime #british #britishaccent #compliments

♬ original sound - Adeib

NEVER pay a compliment to a Brit!

Wednesday, 28th July:


Would you eat a “stuffed crust” burrito?

♬ original sound - Oliver Paterson

We will never un hear this now!

Tuesday, 27th July:

Thinking of Michael during this tough time!

Monday, 26th July:


Miren lo que encontré :') .. Créditos Youtube-Garreth #onedirection #11aniversario1d #niallhoran #harrystyles #liampayne #louistomlinson

♬ sonido original - hbw.flicker

Confess, did you believe this was real for a split second?

Sunday, 25th July: 


😭 😭 okay but he took it well ##rap ##sing ##fyp ##prank

♬ original sound - Shuba

Classis Shakira ordering a pizza prank, right? 

Tuesday, 20th July:


BANANA + MAYO 🍌 #banana #mayo #hotfoodtake

♬ original sound - yayayayummy

Think you can guess what's happening next...

Monday, 19th July:

Just a normal day in the supermarket, nothing to see here...

Wednesday, 14th July:

Love the modesty... 

Tuesday, 13th July:

No, you're crying!

Wednesday, 7th July:


Let my dad know he’s got this!!! 😏💞 #dadprank #funny #teamnonsense

♬ original sound - Jake Gould

This guy is very brave!

Tuesday, 6th July:

Yes because the pillow is THE biggest issue!!!

Monday, 5th July:

Embed not found

Someone is in BIG trouble!!!

Thursday, 1st July:


#fyp #uk #islandsinthestream #dollyparton #tinder #bumble

♬ original sound - Sophie Griffiths

A modern classic 

Monday, 28th June: 

This thread is brilliant! 

Thursday, 24th June:


I wrote a male response to “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo! I love this song! #good4u #oliviarodrigo #fyp #foryou

♬ good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo

We need a full version!

Wednesday, 23rd June:


I confused her by playing the potato song before this. I love my residents #giadashair @_the1stnoel #fyp #viral #trending

♬ original sound - Racquel Marino

Dang that girl is strict!!

Tuesday, 22nd June:


Lockdown in Oman means no shawarma #foodie #fakeaway #shawarma #oman #tiktokarab #arabtiktok #middleeast #middleeastern #foryoupage #fyp #food

♬ original sound - Rachel Chew

Some of the comments are too funny!

Monday, 21st June:


A poem for Father’s Day 😌 #fathersday #africanparents #viral #fyp

♬ original sound - Uyi

This is what we NEED on a Monday!

Sunday, 20th June:

Notice anything wrong here?

Thursday, 17th June:


What happens when you mix with the gruffalo with classic grime beats, in fron of your class of 6 year olds? This. #grime #teacher #rapper #gruffalo

♬ original sound - Christian Foley

Can he release this as an actual song, please?

Tuesday, 15th June:


Sunday, 13th June:


Reply to @megflockhart I got you 👀😌 #hermionegranger #hermione #impression #emmawatson #hermionegrangercosplay

♬ original sound - Lucy Beth Harris

Got to love the snorts!

Thursday, 10th June:


Sunday, 6th June:

Each to their own... Does look yummy though!

Monday, 31st May:


the talent. #astronautintheoceanremix

♬ Astronaut In The Ocean - Masked Wolf

You will never un-hear this!!!

Sunday, 30th May:


One small step for Neil. #moon #moonlanding #neilarmstrong #fyp

♬ original sound - Adrian Bliss

Some people have too much spare time!

Thursday, 27th May:

This gets funnier the more you watch it!

Monday, 24th May:


I got a goldfish for my birthday 🎉 #fyp #foryoupage #oman #omantiktokers #goldfish #petparent

♬ mario sound - mandycap

The comments section is popping off! 

Sunday, 23rd May:

If you don't ask, you don't get...

Thursday, 20th May:

The comment section is very THIRSTY...

Sunday, 16th May:

Subscribing purely for the commentary!

Monday, 10th May:

Landlord of the year, right?

Sunday, 9th May:



♬ original sound - sam

Friendly trolling sounds like a great way to keep busy after curfew!

Thursday, 6th May:

Agreed, we definitely need more of these!

Tuesday, 4th May:


Sorry Ben 🥺🥱 #raya #benaffleck #dating #fyp

♬ original sound - Amir Yass

Play it cool Ben, play it cool...

Monday, 3rd May:

Desperate? No!

Thursday, 29th April: 

Anyone thinking about Lulu's car park now?

Wednesday, 28th April:

All of a sudden Oman's roads don't seem so crazy!

Tuesday, 27th April:

This is called organized!!! 

Monday 26th April:


Back with another installment of my horrific Australian accent. #badaustralianaccent #australianaccent #aussie #sketchcomedy #comedyvideo #skit

♬ original sound - Mike Liscio


Sunday, 25th April:

Only in America would this happen.

Thursday, 22nd April:

Embed not found

This is brilliant, lets hope the studying paid off!

Wednesday, 21st April:


They are bad liars 😭 #fyp #ramadan

♬ original sound - Izzy Tube

Classic threat!

Tuesday, 20th April:


#fyp #foryou #viral #somali #somalitiktok #ramadan #siblings #xyzbca

♬ original sound - Ace🧦

Best excuse ever!

Monday, 19th April:

Despite gaining weight during the pandemic, this is still a no, imagine how sweaty it would be!

Sunday, 18th April:


When you wondering what to eat for iftar @shabsheek credits to @asaladabke #iftar #shelbyscanada #chickenshawarma #beefshawarma #ramadan2021

♬ original sound - Shelby’s

This is soooo relatable right now!

Wednesday, 14th April:


Jumping on this trend to butcher an Australian accent 🦘 #austalianaccent #australian #comedy #comedyvideo #sketchcomedy #skit

♬ original sound - Mike Liscio

You will never hear the word 'portfolio' the same way again!

Monday, 12th April:

Embed not found

Loving this girl's honesty!

Sunday, 11th April:


#stitch with @janellerohner omw to janelle’s with a loaf of bread 🏃🏽🥖 (unless you’re celilililiac)

♬ original sound - Matt & Omar

Janelleeeeeee just have a shawarma! 

Thursday, 8th April:

Just a normal day grocery shopping...

Wednesday, 7th April:

Nothing to see here!

Sunday, 4th April:


My mind 🤯

♬ original sound - Lilly Singh


Thursday, 1st April:

Think we just found the next Bill Gates!

Wednesday, 31st March:

Embed not found


Tuesday, 30th March:

The boat memes will be missed but this celebration is great!

Monday, 29th March:


Sunday, 28th March:

Embed not found

Imagine living next door to this family!!!

Thursday, 25th March:

Thanks for all the incredible love and support for my first ever "tiny guitar video". If you'd like to share it or also feel passionately about the topic I'm singing about, please feel free to share it! My profile is public. Happy inside-aversary everybody!

Posted by Becca Olson on Monday, March 22, 2021

The campaign to get Rebecca in the charts is a go!

Wednesday, 24th March:

Gagging over spiders is a new one!

Tuesday, 23rd March:

This woman may have officially lost it with her family!

Sunday, 21st March:

You can do it, Joe, oh, no you can't! 

Thursday, 18th March:

The reactions in this thread to Billie changing her hair colour are priceless! 

Wednesday, 17th March:


Wait for the New Zealand one! Which one is your favorite ? #accentchallenge #nz

♬ original sound - Accent Queen Sarah Valentine

This woman's talents are unreal!!!

Sunday, 14th March:


are you smarter than a preschooler? pt 77

♬ original sound - La’Ron®🎤

Confess, do you know all the answers?

Thursday, 11th March:

Who is this really for?

Wednesday, 10th March: 


BBC News story. hehe #funny #news #laugh

♬ original sound - Alan Bean

This is the type of news we need right now!

Tuesday, 9th March:

Embed not found

So, you have to be Spanish to be a good teacher now? Noted. Sorry teacher friends! 

Monday, 8th March:

Did you want Nandos chicken with your cheese? 

Sunday, 7th March:



♬ original sound - Jake

THANK GOODNESS SOMEONE FINALLY MADE THIS... Because we are always running into sharks...

Wednesday, 3rd March:

A dentist's dream!!!

Tuesday, 2nd March:

This girl will be a future world leader, watch this space! 

Monday, 1st March:

THE most dramatic music ever, you'd think it was a Liam Neeson film! 

Sunday, 28th February:


THE BEEF IS SETTLED, my mother and Siri are good now🤝 #arab #okmomma #fyp

♬ original sound - aberhaam

Are you also considering getting an Alexa purely so she'll say she loves you? 

Thursday, 25th February:

He shoots and he scores AGAIN!

Tuesday, 23rd February:

This tweet is EVERY THING! 

Monday, 22nd February:


Reply to @cdnbambi Just watch the whole thing 😂 #covid19 #usa #uk #nz #australia #willywonka

♬ original sound - Jazz Thornton

Jacinda really had to answer that question!

Sunday, 21st February:

Rachel Chew the camel commentater? 

Thursday, 18th February:


Traveling the world with my MOM! Where should we go next?😂 #arab #okmomma #fyp

♬ Violin - Grooving Gecko

Love these two!

Tuesday, 16th February:


@kellyclarkson predicted #missrona 💀😭 #covidjokes #pandemicjokes #kellyclarksonbecauseofyou

♬ Because of You - Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson NEEDS to re-record this!!! 

Monday, 15th February:

Being single doesn't seem that bad anymore... 

Sunday, 14th February:


are you smarter than a preschooler? pt 70😂 ❤️HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY YALL❤️

♬ original sound - La’Ron®🎤

Please do not spit on me!

Thursday, 11th February:


Thank goodness his cat is okay! #teacher #teachersoftiktok #tiktokteacher #elementary #fyp #virtuallearning #kidconvos #iloveteaching #funnyteacher

♬ original sound - Mandy

That noise they make needs to be a ringtone right?

Wednesday, 10th February:

Just in case you weren't sure, he's not actually a cat!

Tuesday, 9th February:


This kid 😂😂 #tiktokaddict #jessiewiththegoodhair #thingskidssay #innocent #funny #mom #sickofit #naive #accents #brit #cute #watchtilltheend

♬ original sound - English muffin ❤️

This kid is brilliant!!!

Monday, 8th February:

Do the dogs love it though?

Sunday, 7th February:


Thursday, 4th February:

Awkward goodbyes will be a thing of the past after watching this!

Wednesday, 3rd February:

When Bridgerton meets Busted! 

Tuesday, 2nd February:

There's being oblivious and then there's this!

Monday, 1st February: 


Some impressions 🤪 #RecordsDay #fyp #viral #schmidt #christopherwalken

♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery - Dante9k Remix - David Snell

The Jimmy Fallon laugh is next level!

Sunday, 31st January:

Because who doesn't confuse crocodiles and horses regularly? 

Thursday, 28th January:


Unfortunately the “bean dip bonanza” ended at can 18 #beandip #fyp #foryou #CancelTheNoise #UpTheBeat

♬ original sound - Tatum Love

Most pointless but best prank ever!

Wednesday, 27th January:


#mother_of_heathens #nana_ra

♬ original sound - mother of heathens

This woman speaks facts!

Tuesday, 26th January:


Technically 58.4 seconds but who’s counting? #fyp #animaniacs #countrymusic

♬ original sound - kylescheele

Does anyone feel he missed some countries out?

Monday, 25th January:


This made me laugh 😂 #thingskidssay #cute #naive #innocent #wrongnames #accent #teacher #jessiewiththegoodhair #mom #accents #funny

♬ original sound - English muffin ❤️

What do you mean teachers don't live at school and have real names? 

Sunday, 24th January:

Did he mention it comes with a pool?

Thursday, 21st January:


are you smarter than a preschooler? pt 65😂

♬ original sound - La’Ron®🎤

Anyone else thinking twice about going in the sea now?

Wednesday, 20th January:

Wouldn't be surprised if this actually happened for real!

Tuesday, 19th January:

Parents take note!

Monday, 18th January:

Embed not found

All of a sudden our lack of languages doesn't seem so bad...

Sunday, 17th January:

Embed not found

Not all heroes wear capes!

Thursday, 14th January:


I may have mixed up British and Australian there lmao 🤣🤣🤣. This was fun as hell tho #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fy #comedy #jokes #viral #funny

♬ original sound - Khalifa

Guilty of saying this... 

Wednesday, 13th January:

When you can't get someone to answer your texts and then there's these two... 

Tuesday, 12th January:


#stitch with @leeeeenwithit This was in 2016 LMFAO #statenisland #YouShouldKnow #LiftandSnatchBrow #imnotembarrassedbutshouldbe #foryoupage #italian?

♬ original sound - Olivia Wilson

Just go with "misc" it's much easier to spell too! 

Monday, 11th January:


♬ original sound - TroySheperds

Who says Tik Tok isn't educational?

Sunday, 10th January: 


Who’s in? #groupproject #fake #marathon #fyp #greenscreen #inlove

♬ original sound - kylescheele

Sign us up!!!

Thursday, 7th January:

The parent-teacher conference should be interesting!

Wednesday, 6th January:


I mean my logic was kinda ok no? 😭😭😂😂 #arabic #arabtiktok #christinaoftiktok #arabic #funny #comedy #bahrain #saudiarabia #egypt #dubai #kuwait

♬ original sound - Christina

Next time someone says you're bad at languages, show them this!

Tuesday, 5th January:

Embed not found

Brutal but hilarious prank! 

Monday, 4th January:

That settles it then, horses will NOT be fire fighters! 

Sunday, 3rd January:

Long story short 2021 better be FULL of highlights and best bits! 

Wednesday, 30th December:

This kid has great taste!

Tuesday, 29th December:

Karma for filming a super cheesy couple video? 

Monday, 28th December:

Tuck Tucker, the animator and director of SpongeBob SquarePants sadly passed away, but what a legacy he has left behind!

Sunday, 27th December:

Can your car do this?

Wednesday, 23rd December:

Anyone else rapping along?

Tuesday, 22nd December:

The UK has now implemented a four-tier system, where tier 4 means they can't visit other households, turns out it isn't all bad news though...

Monday, 21st December:


A lil blessing from @aliciakeys

♬ original sound - Jason Derulo



Sunday, 20th December:

Good news, Santa has had the vaccine!

Thursday, 17th December:

Always have your mic on mute... Or blame the dog... Or blame a chair!

Wednesday, 16th December:

Yes, it happened sports on the show... Mostly because of the washing machine!

Tuesday, 15th December:


I’ve always wondered this tbh #foryoupage #CancelTheNoise #foryou #happyholidays

♬ original sound - noah

We will try and not play 'WAP' for you...

Monday, 14th December:


Anybody else forget their mask? 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🤣#foryoupage #fyp #foryou #covid19 #music #parody #song #holidaymusic #sing #dadsoftiktok #husbandsoftiktok

♬ original sound - The Wacho Fam

You'll never forget your mask again!

Sunday, 13th December:

It is all about that seabass... 

Thursday, 10th December:

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson needs to stop!!!

Wednesday, 9th December:

This sounds just like Drew Barrymore!!!

Tuesday, 8th December:


When innocence is lost 🤦🏻‍♂️#family #police #niece #uncle #boomerhumor #dadjokes #stupidjokesthatarentfunny

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic

We all know Dad jokes are bad, but Uncle jokers are next level!

Monday, 7th December:

What a hero! Dressing as Buddy The Elf to meet your biological Dad for the first time takes guts... Also great legs to rock the tights!

Sunday, 6th December:

This is taking annoying your sibling to ANOTHER level!

Thursday, 3rd December:

Because eating sushi without listening to music is so hard???

Wednesday, 2nd December:


#stitch with @tori.ralston Girl a what??? I ain’t got the time

♬ original sound - Kelz Wright

Does anyone else want to buy a bagel purely so you can ask for a 'bagle' in the shop?

Tuesday, 1st November:


Thanksgiving with singing families be like... 🤣🎤#givingthanks #sing #fyp #viral #thanksgiving #badromance inspired by - @theshanebennett 🦃

♬ original sound - Sharpe Family Singers

Imagine living next door to this family!!!

Monday, 30th November:

Definitely a robot... 

Sunday, 29th November:


I’ve been playing nintendo since I was his age and not once did I think of looking it up 😢😂 #liam #kate #nintendo #fyp #foryourpage #genius

♬ original sound - user2894424236696 - liamandkate

We have just been schooled by a child!

Thursday, 26th November:


Reply to @tigervibe sooo I cried for a bit and he felt insanely bad but it was fine because we ended up partying until 8 am with our best friends

♬ original sound - Micaela Gaudette

Keep the dancing to the professionals!!! 

Wednesday, 25th November:

Sorry I was five minutes late for the scheduled giggles!

Tuesday, 24th November:


It’s harder than it looks 😂 @asaladabke Reply to @vinuuu.k #behindthescenes #watermelonsugar #harrystyles #fyp #zaffe #viral #goviral

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Imagine being his neighbours...

Monday, 23rd November:


#HarryStyles loves his berries! 🍓🍓 @hshq Inspo: @aj.goldie #deepfake #watermelonsugar

♬ harry wants berries - @nick

You will never look at strawberries in the same away again!

Sunday, 22nd November:


stan billie always ❤️ #fyp

♬ Original Sound - Unknown

Don 't worry Billie your job is safe!

Thursday, 19th November:

Embed not found

The way he says "have a great day" sounds so creepy!

Wednesday, 18th November:


#stitch with @theocanread it do be like that tho #pakistan #desi #dad #brown

♬ original sound - AVANTE

His smile when he tells the story, priceless!

Tuesday, 17th November:

Did we really need a film about this?

Monday, 16th November:


Reply to @stephaniehernon

♬ original sound - Jack McCann

Guilty of saying he does sound like Niall Horan!

Sunday, 15th November:

This is Scott the dog... Not the most conventional name... The dog groomer accidentally chopped off some of his tongue!

Thursday 29th October:

Creepy but a great game... Siblings or dating?

Wednesday, 28th October:


My father heard about this #pottahchallenge #dracotok #wherespottah?

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

When you for a second think they're actually related... Just on-screen family... Checks Google one more time!

Tuesday, 27th October:


mid-2000s demi is iconic and i hope i did her some justice! #demilovato #fyp #foryou #impressions #singingimpressions #disneychannel

♬ demi lovato impression - chloe may

Demi is that you???

Monday, 26th October:

Anyone else getting triggered by the eating?

Sunday, 25th October:


Still one of my best videos. Last time I’m posting. I swear 🥺 #brunomars #gunsnroses #xyzbca #foryoupage #foryou #4u #viral

♬ Marry You - Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars never sounded so cool!

Thursday, 22nd October:


why my shorts so short tho..... #fyp

♬ Charlie Puth Me and U - Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth once again showing us how talented he is!

Wednesday, 21st October:

Hands up who thought this was a real rat at first!

Tuesday, 20th October:

You will be saying 'bend and snap' for the next week now!

Monday, 19th October:

Think how sweaty this would be in the desert!

Sunday, 18th October:

That's a lot of combs!

Thursday, 15th October:

Don't leave hair removal cream in reach of children, EVER!

Wednesday, 14th October:


POV: Your teacher is stressed 😫 #fyp #foryou #relatable #school #schoollife #students #teachers #studentlife #teacherlife

♬ AK47 Tik Tok - Pr!d3

This is all teachers will be saying in November!

Tuesday, 13th October:

When you thought you were having a bad day and then you saw this!

Monday, 12th October:

The support group we all need during the pandemic!!!

Sunday, 11th October:

Maybe the best Twitter account ever?

Thursday, 8th October:

Just in case you wanted to hear The Draco Malfoy song again...

Wednesday, 7th October:

When you realise you have a lot in common with Donald Trump; both dye hair, both had Coronavirus and both know nothing about science... You can't be immune if you have the virus! 

Tuesday, 6th October:



this is a subtweet at @giorgiohofmann ❤️ #voicenotes

♬ A Moment Apart - ODESZA - hannah_harpist

This girl couldn't be more wrong!

Monday, 5th October:

Nothing to see here just sat on the floor taking photos of Robin's dog instead of taking to him!

Sunday, 4th October:

Embed not found

Three guys you wouldn't invite to a party!

Tuesday, 29th September:

Clearly, these lad's are in REALLY happy marriages, hence spreading the joy and well wishes!

Monday, 28th September:

NEVER let Michael join the group chat, ever!

Sunday, 27th September:


And that’s on ✨enunciation✨ #heygod #angel #karen #kevin #dontbeakaren #bekind #caring #pumpkinseason #boostyourmood IB: @lizemopetey

♬ original sound - Julie Birke

Karen really is the gift that keeps giving!

Thursday, 23rd September:


Be happy Zaffe Remix w/@asaladabke. Reposting cause @dixiedamelio didn’t notice yet #dixiedamelio #behappy

♬ Be happy Arab Zaffe Mix by Saif Shawaf X Asala - SAIF SHAWAF

Play this next time you're in a bad mood!

Wednesday, 22nd September:


love, the cooke fam 😂😷 #honestlyidk #carolbaskin #carolmaskin @thejenncooke

♬ original sound - Ashley Cooke

Just in case you forgot, WEAR A MASK! 

Monday, 21st September:

The UK's Health Secretary showed of his oldest side, what a guy!

Sunday, 20th September:

Just when you feel The Rock is just like all if us, he rips off a gate...

Thursday, 17th September:

Maybe the best advert ever?

Wednesday, 16th September:


Please wear a mask 😬 #fypシ #foryoupage #coronavirus #covid #2020 #Entrepreneur #2020worstyearever #fyp

♬ original sound - Rachel Thomas

Yep, very guilty of saying most of these phrases in 2020!

Tuesday, 15th September:


WHY ARE THEY HIDING THE TRUTH #onedirection #directioner #niallhoran #onedirectionreunion #fyp

♬ The Names of the Fallen - Matriarchs

Turns there are Directioners just as passionate as me!

Monday, 14th September:

Embed not found

Just when you thought you couldn't love Lewis Capaldi anymore he creates this!

Sunday, 13th September:

Can Thor always do the weather please?

Wednesday, 9th September:

Embed not found

Lewis Capaldi is an absolute lad! Who is going to buy a T-Shirt after watching this clip from 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'? 

Tuesday, 8th September:

When you have no self control and will even eat butter with the wrapper on!!!

Sunday, 6th September:

Disney Singalong: NETTA | Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Betcha've never heard "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" performed like THIS before! 🤩 Rock on, Netta Barzilai נטע ברזילי. We're OBSESSED. #DisneySingalong 🤘

Posted by Walt Disney Records on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Play this to anyone says you're too old for Disney!

Thursday, 3rd September:

If yu're feeling down about the airports still being closed, this video should make you feel grateful for the gorgeous weather we get here in Oman! 

Wednesday, 2nd September:

This old clip from a home improvement programme has started recirculating and people can't get enough of this guy's reaction. Safe to say he is NOT a fan of the bedroom! 

Tuesday, 1st September:


Make this go viral, y’all #grandparentsoftiktok #mcdonalds #fyp #decadechallenge #foryou #happymeal

♬ original sound - aly.sherb

Who would keep this in their cupboard???

Sunday, 30th August:

Who needs dentists when you have friends like this? Nahhh I will stick to the dentist thanks! 

Thursday, 27th August:

Some people are dressing up their washing machines... This is not even a joke! (Photo Credit: Wish)

Wednesday, 26th August:


Idk who needs to hear this but I’m never working from the office again. #fyp #work #workfromhome #gay #pandemic #foryoupage

♬ original sound - Michael Burke

Not everyone is keen on going back to the office... But don't do this!!!

Tuesday, 25th August:

Embed not found

I wish my family was this nice...

Monday, 24th August:

Embed not found

The reason why I did a seal impression on-air... I haven't lost it, yet!

Sunday, 23rd August:


Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep through Corona?! Wake us up when it’s all over please #bakingyouhappy #fergusonplarre #lockdowntiktok #wham #makemehappy

♬ Lyrics by StevieRayPlarre KaraokeUK backing - Steve Plarre

I am loving this man's singing Tik Toks, don't worry I won't sing along!