Rachel Chew



Rachel can be described very easily; LOUD! 

Her laugh is unmistakable and she once got kicked out of science class at school for talking too much, so it makes sense that she now does it for a living. She moved here in September 2019 and has already crashed her car three times, despite that she is the one getting you home weekdays 4-7pm. 

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Bits from the show:

What do you see? People thought this girl was announcing a new baby... BUT it's just her knee!

Omani doctor Aiman Al Salmi has returned to his homeland after a selfless mission providing medical aid in Gaza and honoured us by dropping into the studio for a quick chat.

The world’s only 24-karat GOLD superyacht AK Royalty complete with shiny jet-skis, DJ booth, jacuzzis and more... Looks tacky, right?


We love a news fail!

Teachers really are heroes without capes when it comes to school plays!

Tough toss up; Harry or Wimbledon?

We NEED to go to this school disco!

How amazing is this???


This just gets better and better!

Once again Alistair Green has smashed it!