26 Aug - She spends HOW LONG in the toilet?????

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, August 26th, 2021 - 50 minutes

How long does Robin's daughter spend in the bathroom?... songs Jonny's brain hears differently... Jonny has a horrible joke about Robin... someone sends Robin a video of Jonny from 7 years ago... does Robin sound like a chicken when he laughs?... Daniel Craig wants to leave nothing to his kids... Calm Larry applies for a job at a zoo... Robin has an interesting fact about cows... have you done this while you've been asleep?... Jonny upsets Quasi from Hala FM... the Home Alone reboot... new dating terms for you to worry about... is Jonny's girlfriend a sugar mama?... the traits of really intelligent people... can Jonny guess the movie that Robin's daughter is describing?... Robin has a cheesy joke about Dua Lipa and is very happy with himself... is listening to an audiobook cheating?... what would you do if you heard a hissing sound in your house?... the ingenious way to always have your vaccination certificate on you... what embarrassing thing did Jonny say to Robin's daughter... Microsoft will have mandatory vaccination... Jonny wants to play Football Golf (or is it golf Football???)... Jonny has issues with washing machines... Tom Cruise jokes are making a comeback... do you have your own designated spot at home?... Jonny explains why you don't book a hostel for a dollar!! AND MORE!

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