29 April - The one where Robin's in a mood!

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, 29 April 2021 - 50 minutes

The guys critique Apple's new products... Jonny tells a serious story about an accident but they lose it... Adam Sandler is in a new movie about space... Robin is in a mood... what major company has Jonny voiced an advert for?... what life skill do you wish you learned in school?... the biggest distractions for drivers... President Biden hosted a 2-day climate summit... what emotions do you feel about your car?... what rubbish thing does Jonny's girlfriend want to do?... Jonny tells an hilarious joke about Robin's bald patch... Justin Bieber did a gig... your phone could soon detect Covid... what do we spend 59 hours a week doing?... the insane amount of money that's been spent on the new Lord of the Rings TV show... Calm Larry helps a friend cook... what was the number 1 movie in lockdown?... the award ceremony for the worst movies... Jonny is on the cover of GQ magazine!! (WHATTTTT!!??)... Downton Abbey 2... what do you feel about men who wear t-shirts with big logos?.. terrible movie roles that great actors started in... how will the Fast and Furious franchise actually end?... Jonny has joined Tik Tok and is annoyed... would you want to wake up to your favourite song every morning?... the man who dated 35 women at the same time... Robin and Jonny's mundane stories of meeting rock stars... an Oscar winner wants to improve our lives... the guys chat to Rachel Chew about her fasting during Ramadan AND MORE MATERIAL THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT.

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