3 Feb - Even Robin's daughter laughs at his bald spot!!!

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 - 47 minutes

Even Robin's daughter gives him hassle about his bald spot... Jonny had a face-off with someone, but was he right?... Calm Larry is obsessed with tennis... the smart underwear that reacts to your body... the guy the sprayed 2 cans of deodorant on his chest... the planet of the Kardashians... a dude calls who has been married for just under 1 month... what Jonny tried and failed to put on Trip Advisor... Jonny's rubbish S Club 7 joke... Jonny opened his front door... Calm Larry shows his son what it's like to be married... why was there a man standing outside Jonny's front door?... Peter Dinklage is very upset... we do this one thing 8 times a day... when does a snooze become a sleep?... the guys shout at Waafa from Hala FM... the guys talk about Bubble Wrap... Robin had a phone call from an ex-girlfriend... the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace... the guy who has been married for a month calls the guys again... virtual weddings could be the new trend... where is the worst possible place to pass wind?... Jonny wants to give university lessons (in RADIO!!)... Jonny watched World's Strongest Man on TV... Calm Larry was granted a wish, but it wasn't as he expected... could you survive on eating only raw meat?!... 2 crazy guys phone up and find all of Robin and Jonny's jokes funny... YES WE KNOW THAT'S HARD TO BELIEVE!!

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